Umbrella Insurance


When it rains, it pours – especially when it comes to unexpected accidents or claims. Umbrella coverage can help protect you against personal liabilities that could impact a substantial portion of your assets or future earnings. Whether it’s a serious at fault auto accident or an incident on your property you can quickly find yourself responsible for damages that exceed the limits on your auto, homeowners, renters and other policies.

Do I Have Enough Coverage?

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As a valued client, we want to help you protect everything for which you’ve worked so hard.

Auto, homeowners and other liability limits may not be adequate to cover a large court judgment. The example below shows how easy it is to find yourself without enough coverage even if you have high liability limits on your auto or other policies.

Umbrella insurance responds after the underlying insurance coverage is exhausted, mitigating a possible financial nightmare.


Relative to the amount of protection you get, umbrella insurance may be viewed as highly affordable. Among other factors, cost is determined by variables such as:

  • The amount of coverage you purchase
  • Your insurance carrier’s provisions
  • Your risk profile and driving record

You may save even more money by purchasing umbrella insurance from the same carrier who provides your home and/or auto insurance.

Why We're Different

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all insurance policy.

While most insurance products are similar in price and function, insurance providers are very different when it comes to structuring a policy that actually covers you.

We’re your neighbors. We protect businesses and people we know and care about, and that means we look for ways to protect you better, including carefully choosing the insurance companies we represent.

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